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Tłumacz_1  - Janusz Jagielski Technical texts (shipping preferred). Languages combinations: EN → PL, PL → EN.
Shipping only: FR → EN.
Graduated engineer (Machine Construction faculty; Technical University of Gdańsk).
Tłumacz_2  - Julitta Jagielska Technical texts (except informatics and electronics). Language combinations: FR → PL, PL → FR.
Member of Bałtyckie Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy (local translators' association).
Baccalaureate in French - Lycée de Notre Dame in Abidjan, Ivory Coast;
Graduated engineer (Hydrotechnical Institute; Technical University of Gdańsk).
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Price: PL → FR, EN PLN 44,00/ page + VAT
Price: FR, EN → PL PLN 57,00/page + VAT
Price: FR → EN PLN 65,00 / page + VAT
  Price negotiation is possible in certain cases.
Page: 1,800 characters, spaces including.
Translation time: Fixed separately for each case.
Other: All thesauri, additional materials etc. remain property of the translator.

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